AMG Wants To Celebrate Its 50th Birthday With An F1-Based Supercar


A new AMG supercar based on its F1 offering has been given the greenlight.

A few months back we first caught wind of a pretty awesome story: the possibility of Mercedes-AMG using its F1 racer as the base for a new supercar. The idea is that the new model would debut in 2017 to commemorate AMG's 50th birthday. Of course there are a ton of challenges in using an F1 car as a jumping off point for a road car, but Top Gear is saying that "an extremely high level source" has confirmed to them that the project has been given the green light.

So just what can you expect from this new AMG model? For starters it will have a carbon fiber monocoque and feature gullwing doors, the latter of which will be an homage to the 300SL and SLS. Mercedes wants the car to have a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 but it may jump that mark a bit as it wants the car to be a bit "more civilized" than the likes of other F1-inspired road cars. Yup, Mercedes is aiming to outdo the AM-RB 001 from Aston Martin and Red Bull. The power plant would be provided by the Mercedes-AMG F1 car, a turbo V6 making 700 horsepower. Of course that engine would need some serious tweaking to be able to sit in a road car. It would also need to be able to play nice with up to three electric motors.

Top Gear's source says that while the project has been approved the automaker is still hammering out a business case for it. That likely means Mercedes is wrangling with hard numbers, such as how many units to build, what to price the car at, etc… The good news is that the car is on the way, but the even better news is that 2017 may bring us another special AMG car. That's right, Top Gear is saying that AMG will give itself two birthday presents come 2017.

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