AMS Performance's Huracan Just Smashed Its Own 1/4-Mile Record

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The search for 6s continues...

It seems that there is no shortage of modified supercars doing the rounds on the internet these days, when less than two decades ago, it was a rarity to see bigger wheels on one. But while there are numerous crazy body kits and other bolt-ons out there for the tasteless trust fund baby, it's the modified supercars that get actively used for competition that truly get our hearts racing. Among the most impressive supercars for tuning is the Lamborghini Huracan, a car whose engine has proved to be excellent for four-figure horsepower ratings, and right at the top is the one built by AMS Performance: the Alpha Omega. Last month, this car smashed the quarter-mile world record for Huracans, and now the bar has been set even higher.
AMS Performance AMS Performance

As you may know from our earlier story on the Alpha Omega, this twin-turbo Lamborghini is capable of producing over 3,000 horsepower, but while the engine can handle that sort of output after being attended to by AMS Performance, putting that power down to the asphalt is near impossible and most runs see the car run in a detuned state. Any real drag racer knows that you need traction more than you need power, which is why the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is so poor on unprepped surfaces. AMS seems to have the formula down though, now achieving a quarter-mile time of just 7.33 seconds at 194 mph. The previous time was similar, but the exit speed was more than 5 mph slower, highlighting that this car is getting faster as well as quicker.

AMS Performance AMS Performance

As impressive as this achievement truly is, AMS Performance isn't done yet and is chasing a 6-second pass. The power is clearly not a problem - it's now just a matter of getting that power down even more effectively. The tuner has had a well-documented rivalry with the likes of Underground Racing, a company that has also aimed to break records with the platform but is yet to live up the hype. With constant competition and a team fully dedicated to being the best on the planet, we have no doubt that we'll be following this story up with news of that elusive 6-second pass long before the year is out.

AMS Performance AMS Performance

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