AMS Subaru Runs a 9.681-Sec Quarter Mile @ 147 MPH

Claims to be the fastest Subie STI in the world.

After revealing a devastatingly quick Nissan GT-R, the guys at AMS Performance have had a hand in creating this monstrous Subaru STI that recently delivered a tire-shredding quarter-mile run time of 9.681 @ 147.39 mph. East Coast AMS dealer Prime Motoring fitted the STI with the 950R Turbo kit and front mount intercooler, while JR Tuned handled the engine tune. Considering this car is street driven, with zero weight reduction, a full interior, and stock six-speed transmission, those are some mighty impressive numbers.

But there’s more to come. Stock axles and driveshafts will soon be beefed up and stickier tires will wrap the 15-inch alloys. We’re not sure if that will be enough to take it to the eights, but we wouldn’t bet against it.

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