An AC Schnitzer BMW i8 Was Just Spotted In The Wild

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And it looks mean.

A BMW i8 freshly tuned by AC Schnitzer was recently spotted on the prowl in the Netherlands and it was looking mean. The most noticeable modification applied to this i8 is the awesome AC Schnitzer body kit. The styling mods include plenty of carbon fiber elements such as a black front spoiler, side skirts and rear racing wing. The tuner also improved the i8's handling and lowered it with a suspension kit that slightly reduced ride height by approximately one inch in the front and 0.75 inches in the back.

Lowering this gorgeous AC Schnitzer BMW i8 slightly also makes it look seamlessly slammed on a set of custom black Asanti wheels with blue accents lining the rims. These wheels, according to the tuner, weight about nine pounds less than the stock wheels. Overall we are very impressed with the tasteful upgrades that the famed German tuner made. Not that we'd expect anything less from AC Schnitzer.

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