An Aggressive Hatch in Worthersee - SEAT Mii FR Unveiled

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SEAT is bringing a sporty version of their Mii to Austria.

The annual Worthersee event usually brings us a few new models to gaze our eyes at and this year, VW Group member and Spanish company SEAT has made their way to the Austrian show with an aggressive version of their little hatch. The Mii FR has been revealed ahead of the show and features some styling tweaks in addition to new wheels and unique badging. It features a Tornado red and black color scheme on both the interior and exterior.

In order to further separate it from the base Mii (the VW's Up!'s corporate twin) the exterior features pronounced wheel arches, redesigned side sills and rear-end. It sits on a set of sporty 16-inch wheels. "The Mii is a (VW) group product so it does not have 100 per cent SEAT DNA. This is one way of giving it that DNA. We will do FR, but not Cupra. It will be sporty, not all-out powerful. We have the technology and the power at our disposal within the group to do more - but that would mean adding a 3,000 Euro package on to a 10,000 Euro car," said SEAT head of product marketing Ulf Eberhardt.

The latest special edition SEAT Mii, the FR, is expected to make its debut over the course of the next few days at the Worthersee show in Austria. Until then, check out the sporty version of the Mii in the photos below.

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