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An All-Electric Aston Martin SUV Is Really Happening

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A break from tradition but a necessary revolutionary step for the British carmaker.

Aston Martin may have held out longer than most but it will soon be joining other luxury car manufacturers in adding an SUV to its range. To make up for lost time, the new SUV which will revive the Lagonda nameplate, will also be all-electric. Details are limited, although unlike the original Lagonda sedan of 1989, this one will definitely not be using a 5.3-liter V12 and its electrics should actually work. What we do know is that the Lagonda name will be a sub-brand under which technologically-advanced new models will be released.

The SUV is penned for its debut in 2021. Andy Palmer, CEO for Aston Martin stated that the Lagonda brand would allow them to pursue a more modern approach to car design that catered for the needs of 21st century motorists. The first glimpse of the design direction of the Lagonda SUV was shown at the Geneva International Motor Show in May. Its sleek lines and futuristic interior were a new move for the brand and Head of Design, Marek Reichman said that the boldness of this concept vehicle would be translated into the final production version too.

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While traditionalists may bemoan the move to an electric drivetrain and the now ubiquitous SUV body style, such a big leap is necessary for a company such as Aston Martin to survive and be relevant in the motor industry going forward. Reichman reiterated this as he spoke about creating an SUV that was unique to drive and would serve as a vanguard for the future of the top echelon of luxurious sports cars. He was equally excited about the new design opportunities that an electric drivetrain layout provided, so while the new Lagonda may not be like any Aston before it, it will still be imbued with the latest luxuries and technologies that customers from the brand expect.