An Already Awful Car Gets Recalled Due to a Potential Fire


No prizes for guessing it comes from GM.

Remember the Chevy Aveo? Not the respectable latest model (now called the Sonic), but the first generation that was sold from 2004 until 2011. It wasn't, shall we say, the choice for any respectable car lover. At best, it was basic transportation. But then again, even the most basic of transportation has its faults. General Motors has just issued a recall for 2004 to 2008 model year Aveos because they could, well, uh catch on fire. Congratulations, GM. Another recall.

This time, the automaker is claiming the problem here is with the Aveo's daytime running lights (DRL). For affected models, there may be heat generated within the DRL module located in the center console in the instrument panel. This could potentially melt said module, and lead to a fire. A fix for this problem is still being figured out, but GM claims a solution is "under development." Affected owners will receive a notice in the mail "relatively soon" informing them of the problem. A second letter will be sent at a later date to schedule the repair (once there is one). Hey, at least it's not the ignition switch again.


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