An American Nurburgring in Nevada?

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American entrepreneurs are planning to replicate the famous Nurburgring in the American West.

April Fool's day is three weeks away, so folks are beginning to practice their trade for the occasion. This is how we can decipher the latest statement of Bruton Smith, the CEO of Speedway Motorsports, which operates eight tracks in the US and is now planning its ninth. But that isn't going to be an oval or anything of that type. This is going to be a full-scale Nurburgring replica with its 174 turns and twists, its numerous ups and downs, its long and super-fast straight between Dottinger Hohe and Tiergarten, or its iconic Karussel.

According to a report from Jalopnik, Speedway Motorsports is currently holding talks with the Nevada Bureau of Land Management in an attempt to secure some 8,000 acres of land. German entrepreneurs will apparently advise the company as they move forward, but the Governor of Nevada must also give his support for the project. Once the plans are approved and with the help of topography, photos and other civil engineering requirements, Green Hell's replica will be erected, in a 1:1 scale with 14.173 miles per lap - somewhere in the Nevada desert.

Surprisingly, the new site is not intended to be raced on but rather for hosting automakers who want to test future road cars and get the lucrative Nurburgring stamp of approval without having to perform testing on the other side of the Atlantic. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but it'll be very interesting to see whether this project moves forward.

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