An Artists New Vision of the Lotus 7

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Like the Morgan, the Lotus/Caterham 7 has remained mostly unchanged for its entire life thus far. The idea is simple: a lightweight body, no fixed doors or roof, a flat windshield, exposed front wheels, and a four-cylinder engine. But now, Diseno-Art has come up with a design study that's meant to give the iconic car an update. Called the "New 7," it's larger and more refined than the current car and can be customized to individual customers.

At the same time, the brand's basic principles of lightweight and simplicity remain intact. The New 7 also contains parts that are easily removable for maintenance. Interestingly, the idea also calls for a direct-injected four-cylinder engine as the base offering, and there would be room for a variety of other engines if the buyer so chooses. Rear wheel drive and a manual transmission also remain. Remember, this is simply a design study at the moment, but this could easily be turned into a production car.

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