An Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Brake is Needed Next

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Don't dismiss the possibility of a future one-off.

We won't lie by saying we're fans of shooting brakes. Sleeker than the typical station wagon and definitely eye-catching, shooting brakes have presence, plain and simple. They scream attention. Just look at the Ferrari FF. You don't have to like it, but Ferrari still had the balls to build it to begin with. Too bad more automakers aren't taking chances like that more often. So when Aston Martin revealed its extremely limited reborn Lagonda sedan a few days ago, we were smitten with its edgy lines that hark back to the original from 1976.

It even spawned an ultra-rare shooting brake. And now rendering artist Theophilus Chin has imagined this latest Lagonda with the shooting brake treatment. Obviously we like it and hope Aston will too, but would it find buyers? Even in limited production, we don't think there'd be a lack of wealthy customers.

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