An Audi RS3 Cabrio is Highly Recommended

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It wouldn't even have any serious competitors.

There's so much potential with Audi's new A3. Available as both a hatchback and a sedan, the A3 may just turn out to be the hottest-selling model in the entire lineup. For those who think the A4 has become too big (it has), the A3 sedan will fit the bill just fine. But there's also an RS4, and we think Audi ought to really consider applying that high-performance goodness to the A3 as well. First off, an RS3 sedan is a must, and an RS3 hot hatch would also be sublime.

Until Theophilus Chin rendered this image of an RS3 Cabrio, we weren't convinced a convertible variant would look so bad ass. This is really anything but a hairdresser's car. With some inspiration taken from the recently shown A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept, the RS3 Cabrio rendering could be yet another winner. All that's left is for Audi to put it into production.

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