An Automaker You've Never Heard Of Is Targeting The Nurburgring Record

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The Nurburgring production car lap record could be broken in 2017 by this car.

The Elemental RP1 is an open-top road-legal roadster you might have seen on CarBuzz before. Thanks to a recent story by Autocar we'll probably be talking a lot more about the company in the coming months. The British outlet spoke to Mark Fowler and Mark Taylor, two gents who developed a new aerodynamics pack for the RP1. The new bits see the car making 1,000 kg (2,204 pounds) of downforce, up from the stock 400 kg (881 lbs). The company thinks the best place to show off its new-look RP1 is at the Nurburgring.

While there why not go for the production car lap record? The current record was set in 2009 by the Radical SR8LM, which posted a time of 6:48.00. Pre-aero pack the RP1 weighs in at just 1,278 pounds. Its 320-horsepower top-spec engine helps the mighty mite achieve 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. Of course the point of the new aero pack isn't to add speed but to keep the car stuck to the ground while the needle races up the speedometer. All that downforce may sound a bit wild but Mark Taylor told Autocar the experience wouldn't be as harrowing as it sounds. "The 1000kg of downforce sounds bonkers but it's a very stable package. There's quite a lot more we can do, like refining air around the driver, which actually helps downforce."

According to Taylor, the Elemental RP1 could potentially make up to 1,200 kg (2,645 pounds) of downforce. That would be insane, as is the fact that the engine could be tuned to produce more power once the final aero pack is revealed. Mark Fowler, who is Elemental's aerodynamics director, wouldn't reveal to Autocar when the record run would be attempted. We'll be keeping a close eye on the Nurburgring once things start to warm up. If Elemental could indeed top Radical's time it would be a major public relations score for the upstart automaker.

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