An Electric Maserati Alfieri Will Go Up Against The Porsche 911 In 2020


The goal posts keep shifting, but at least we know it's gonna happen.

We can't help thinking there's some bad juju linked to the upcoming Maserati Alfieri. Since its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 dates for production have been dodgy at best. It was said a coupe version would be launched by 2016. It's 2016 and there are no Alfieris in showrooms, or even testing at the Ring. The automaker did issue an apology for the delay back in April. Not long after that there were claims the Italian creation wouldn't happen this decade. Now JustAuto (paywall) is reporting that the Alfieri has a release date.


Peter Denton, GM of Maserati North Europe, was questioned about the car at a recent UK launch of the automaker's Levante SUV. He reckons we'll see a production version in 2019/2020. It's mad that the car, even with all its delays, can still attract so much attention. It's a testament to the superb styling the Italians put into the car. The only problem is that by the time the admittedly super hot coupe goes into production it may already be due for a facelift or makeover, but we don't care too much as long as it does hit production sooner rather than later. The world needs cars like this on the road. 2019 is the soonest we'll see a gas-powered Alfieri. A fully electric version will see the light of day in 2020.

Maserati will go full electric as opposed to a hybrid. Guesses are that taxes will be more lenient for a full EV car in most countries. Denton also managed to clear up who the car will be set to compete against, as it was initially thought it would cross swords with the Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster: "Alfieri will be bigger than Boxster and Cayman. It is being designed as a competitor to the 911 but it will be a larger car. More the size of a Jaguar F-Type." The pricing also looks set to be in line with those cars too, and the Alfieri will be seen in a hatchback version. Maserati, show us one. Now.


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