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An Enzo Is Collecting Dust Thanks To Dubai Police

It's criminal.

In the market for an Enzo? Well, thereal question is who is crazy enough to not be in the market for an Enzo,besides those without a few million dollars to spare. Otherwise, look nofurther than the Dubai Police impound if you don't mind one that’s spent thelast few years collecting dust. It should be a crime to lock up that muchhorsepower where no one can experience it. The Dubai police acquired the car 20months after it was abandoned in 2012. It’s attracted several offers eversince it was impounded.

An American even made a Dh6 million offer, which is equal to about $1.6 million. Supposedly the Enzo’s British owner bought the car in 2011 and then left the country without explanation, and ever since it’s been discovered that the car is part of an investigation and caught up in a legal dispute, which is why the Dubai police can’t auction it off like they would with any other impounded car. So it’s stuck there, but at least now it’s indoors. One of only a few hundred Enzos ever made is inside a shed somewhere in Dubai, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Keep making offers though. Eventually one will be too good to pass up.

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