An Even More Powerful Alfa Romeo 4C on the Way?

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It's possible, but a manual gearbox will never happen.

Only a lucky few will have the chance to get their hands on an Alfa Romeo 4C when it hits US showrooms this summer. For those who still desire to have one, well, they may still have a second chance. Only this time, the 4C could become even more powerful. Car and Driver has reported that Fiat R&D chief, Harald Wester believes it's possible to squeeze out even more horsepower from the 4C's turbocharged four-cylinder. At the moment, the US-spec 4C produces 237 hp from its 1.75-liter engine.


However, Wester made a solid point: "We are only at 136 horsepower per liter, so there is space." Yes, that means more power is possible. Wester also noted that the 4C's structure could handle additional power and that "the stiffness is very high. The first adjustment would be the brakes." So what about the possibility of a manual gearbox, something Alfa purists would absolutely love. Not possible, neither for the US or European-spec 4C. The reason is that a manual would "mess up the entire architecture, and it would ruin the monocoque." So that's that.

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