An M3 V8 Stuffed Into A 135i Is The Most Ridiculous BMW Ever

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Just don't call it a modified 1M, because it's not.

Perhaps this is the greatest BMW that BMW never built. There are probably many reasons why this never came to production, but none of them are good. Here's the short and naughty story: a 135i powered by the E90 M3's 4.0-liter V8. Holy hell. To make this concoction possible, its owner and builders bought a crashed E90 M3 and essentially ripped the entire car apart, taking only the required bits and pieces and leaving the rest. Front and rear subframes, suspension, engine, transmission, you name it; all of them were used.

But perhaps the best thing about this is the fact that it works and operates just like a factory car. All of the electronics work as if BMW put it together itself. Best yet, it's fully street legal. Matt Farah gets behind the wheel and it's insanely loud.

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