An Open Letter To The New 'Top Gear:' Here's How We Would Fix Your Show


The fans have spoken and the show needs to be changed.

Back when Top Gear was still hosted by Clarkson, May and Hammond, the show would often open with a fake letter addressed to Top "so called" Gear. These "letters" would often complain about the lack of affordable cars or excessive amounts of shameless explosions in a previous episode. Even when the old trio were still the hosts of Top Gear, people would complain about them not providing enough information, or about providing too much! Yep, some people are just never happy.

On Top Gear's website, there is always a post-show discussion where fans can weigh in with their opinions on how good the latest episode was. If you look at either of the discussions from the first two episodes after Chris Evans took over, you will be scrolling for a long time before you find a positive comment. Some of our favorite comments are "Chris Evans is Jar Jar Binks with a megaphone..... ARRRGGGHHHH !!!" by Tetsuo and "Just put Evans in a rusty old VW bug backfiring as he rolls off into the sunset never to be seen again. That would be fitting" by Steve Jones. Clearly people are not enamored with the presenting style of Chris Evans, and we do agree. He is a bit louder than you would want.

If you haven't seen it yet, we can sum it up by saying, "this car has (blank) horsepower, it costs (blank), and when I floor it… AHHHHHHHHH!" So far, the reviews that Evans has done feature minimal information about the car and a lot of screaming when he accelerates. Clearly people want a little bit more from a Top Gear review. Matt LeBlanc hasn't been great, but at least he doesn't blow your ears out. We asked around at some local car meets in the US, and many people haven't even watched the first two episodes, let alone the behind the scenes show Extra Gear. We aren't sure why, but it seems like BBC America has no intention of airing Extra Gear in the US.

This seems like a major mistake to us, and just one of many. As we pointed out in our reviews, Extra Gear has actually outshined the main show in both of the first two episodes. Chris Harris, who cohosts the show, has a massive fan-base on the Internet and people are crying out for him to replace the other Chris on the main show. We aren't sure why the BBC would go out and hire someone like Harris, just to leave him on a small, 20-minute show that people don't even seem to know about. Extra Gear does well with what they are given, but so far the quality of the films seem no better than Harris was able to put together by himself on YouTube. We just don't understand it.

With the entire production crew of Top Gear backing them up, we expect more. We hope that Chris Harris and Rory Reid will be included on the main show soon, because they both seem to have a better grasp of how to do a car review. Chris Evans got to drive two McLarens on the show, and still Rory Reid's review of the Volvo XC90 seemed to be received better. This is how our letter to the new Top Gear would read. 'Dear Top "So Called" Gear, we understand that revamping such a longstanding show can be difficult. We know that you think you did the right thing by casting two people who have been on the old show before as guests, but you have to listen to the fans here.

BBC / Top Gear

'Your old presenters had a unique chemistry which we have seen glimpses of between Rory Reid and Chris Harris. When you decided to fire a well-loved presenter, you should have considered replacing him with someone who also had a huge following. Chris Harris deserved to be the successor to Clarkson. Please Top "So Called" Gear, let Chris Harris make the show the way he wants and stop making "executive" decisions about what you think the show should be. Clearly your audience isn't buying it.'

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