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An Unlikely Savior for Fisker?

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Fisker is in serious trouble but a potential group of buyers may be more interested in the Karma's body rather than its powertrain.

It's no secret that Fisker may be on its last leg, but a somewhat unlikely savior may just end up saving the troubled hybrid carmaker. Auto industry veteran Bob Lutz recently started a new company called VL Automotive to build a V8-powered Karma called the Destino. Partnering with Chinese parts supplier Wanxiang Group, VL reportedly put in an offer to buy Fisker earlier this month. At this point, nothing is certain as to whether the deal will fall through or go ahead, but the combined effort of Lutz and Wanxiang makes a compelling case.

For starters, Lutz and co. would very much like to get their hands on additional Karmas so that they can continue swapping out the hybrid system in favor of a high-revving V8 sourced from GM. For its part, Wanxiang is the company that bought out the bankrupt A123 Systems, Fisker's former battery supplier. Again, nothing is final at this time but Reuters also points out that there's another potential Fisker buyer consisting of a group of investors from Europe and Hong Kong. But we'd be all for Lutz and his crew taking over Fisker, even it means permanently ditching the hybrid system in favor of the V8.

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