And Now Infiniti Plans To Copy The Mercedes GLA With This

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Because compact luxury crossovers bring in tons of money.

Infiniti is remaining true to its word in building a production version of the Q30 concept, first revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Likely to be introduced sometime in 2015, our spy photographers recently caught a pre-production test mule undergoing winter testing in Northern Europe. The name of the game lately has been the so-called "affordable luxury" segment and, of course, crossovers. Combine the two and there'll surely be profit to be had. Just look at the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.

And now Infiniti, desperate for a sales hit, wants to get in on the action. Ironically, there's a strong likelihood the Q30 shares a platform with the GLA. Mercedes and Renault-Nissan have a cooperation deal in place. What's more, the Q30 could even end up being powered by a Mercedes 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. But like any crossover, don't expect the Q30 to have much in the way of off-road capabilities. It'll handle the snow just fine, but nothing too extreme. If all goes to plan, the Infiniti Q30 should be on sale by 2016.

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