And Now There's Going to be a BMW X2

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As if we should be surprised in the least.

Just as BMW is all set to unveil its new 2-Series Active Tourer next week at Geneva, word has just come out that the German automaker is all set to expand its small crossover lineup even further. Now, it's already been reported that the next-generation X1 will be built on a FWD platform, but only be offered with all-wheel-drive. An X4 will soon break cover, but that'll remain rear-wheel-drive. So what's left? An X2.


Reports are coming in claiming that not only is the X2 a go, but likely the next X1 will also share the 2-Series AT FWD platform, yet AWD will be standard. The X2 is being described as a "sportier cousin" to the X1, as its styling will have more in common with the X4 and the next-gen X6. The next X1 will continue to have a more conventional crossover design. But aside from the exterior styling differences, the X1 and X2 will share an engine lineup consisting of three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines – the same units that will be available in the 2-Series AT. Expect to see the new X1 on sale in 2016 and the X2 will arrive the following year.

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