And The Automaker With The Greatest YouTube Viewership Is?

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We weren't surprised and we doubt you'll be.

Advertising these days is very different than it was even a decade or so ago, and that's because of one platform: YouTube. Automakers have benefited especially from it not only because of their own YouTube commercials, but also from fan-made videos. But which carmaker has the largest YouTube viewership? BMW. You're probably not all that surprised, nor should you be, and here's why: According to a report first published on Automotive News, BMW-related viewership on YouTube has more than 4 billion views.

Just for comparison, there are roughly 1.6 billion views for all muscle car-related videos of which there's around 305,000 uploads. But get this: only around 5 percent of those BMW videos were actually uploaded by BMW; the rest are fan-made. It's a similar story for Chevrolet, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Lamborghini as well. For each of them, "2 percent or less of the billions of views they receive on YouTube come from their channels." However, it was found that racing videos are the most popular with 8 billion views, followed by road trips (95,000) and car repair (35k). Sedans are also the most regular video subjects with more than 9 billion views, followed by SUVs and sports cars with just under 3 billion.

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