And the Most American-Made Car for 2012 is...

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Chances are you won't be entirely surprised.

For the past few years, has conducted an annual survey to determine the "most American" car currently in production and on sale in the United States. According to the website's Editor in Chief, Patrick Olsen, "when people think about buying an 'American' car, they might just think automatically of the Detroit reality this classification isn't as cut and dry as it used to be." This isn't anything new, but not everyone realizes the full extent of automotive globalization.


For example, Italian automaker Fiat now owns 62 percent of Chrysler and Asian automakers such as Hyundai and Toyota "are increasing production of their vehicles in the U.S. and parts are coming in from all over the globe." In fact, Toyota, Honda, and General Motors took eight of the ten most American vehicles on this year's list. With that (drumroll please), this year's most "American" car is the Toyota Camry. Assembled in Georgetown, Kentucky and Lafayette, Indiana, the Camry has topped this list for the fourth consecutive year and is joined for 2012 by the Sienna (4) and Tundra (7). However, the No. 2 car was the Ford F-150.

"U.S. sales are a component of our index for a number of reasons," continues Olsen. "For one thing, it's safe to say that the more a vehicle sells, the more U.S. workers are involved in production and delivery of the vehicle and the more U.S. dealers are profiting...we think it's valid to give credit for how American buyers embrace a vehicle." So on that note, Happy 4th of July to all of our American readers.

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