And Then God Ordered Koenigsegg to Build the One:1

This is no ordinary car. It's the first-ever mega car. And we should all worship it starting now.

It’s not a supercar or even a hypercar. The Koenigsegg One:1 is a mega car. Weighing a total of 1,341 kg (that’s curb weight!) and producing an astonishing 1,341 hp, the One:1 name needs no explanation. Company founder Christian Von Koenigsegg, who’s one of the coolest and most humble people in this business, has created yet another masterpiece with his talented team at their now former aircraft hangar headquarters in Sweden.

After seeing the One:1 in person at Geneva, we can confidently tell you that photos and even the video you’re about to see don’t fully do it justice. It will leave you speechless. But enough of our rambling and time to turn it over to Mr. Koenigsegg himself in the first part of /Drive TV’s new Inside Koenigsegg feature series.

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