Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition Unveiled

Anderson of Germany has just released the first pictures of their tuning program for the Ferrari 458.

The last time we saw German tuning specialists Anderson, they were creating a seriously aggressive black and red Porsche Panamera. They have recently turned their attention towards an Italian supercar for their latest aftermarket program. Titled the Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition, its most notable feature is a carbon fiber aerodynamic package meant for a performance boost. It features a new front and rear spoiler, wider side sills, intake grilles and ventilation grid.

The aero package, in addition to optimized engine software and new sports exhaust system help the Italian supercar put out an extra 53hp for a total output of 623hp. Carbon fiber was also manually coated onto the hood, roof, door handles, trunk-lid, taillights and diffuser. The bespoke exhaust system contains such perks as heat protection and special end pipes. Three sound stages are also available, allowing you to choose how boisterous of an entrance you wish to make. The whole program sits on a set of carbon coated wheels. No pricing information has been released yet for Anderson of Germany's Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition.

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