Anderson Germany Audi Q7

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In the face of some pretty serious competition from Project Kahn in the area of tuned diesel-powered SUVs, Anderson Germany decided to step into the ring with their V12 diesel Audi Q7. To tell the truth, the V12 Q7 doesn't really need much in the way of extra power, the stock 500 horsepower and 757lb-ft of torque do a pretty good job of getting the kids to school on time without any extra help. Anderson Germany therefore didn't tweak the power too much.

Horsepower is up to 550 and the new torque number hasn't been disclosed. There are several styling touches, inside and out. The interior is, frankly, not as good as the Project Kahn Range Rover, but the exterior touches have been well executed and look good, at least with white paint. The one clear advantage over the competition: Anderson Germany will give you a child seat to match the interior.

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