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Porsche doesn't make a single car that tuners don't love. The purists might not share that love, but those who are in the market for a tuned version of Porsche's sedan have quite a few options. Anderson Germany has joined the fray with a very black Panamera 4S. It has a new exhaust and a reprogrammed engine computer, good for an extra 85hp, more than you would usually expect from a naturally-aspirated engine.

The interior got a thorough reworking, presumably by someone with a serious carbon fiber fetish. You do have the option to go with a bit less of it if you prefer, and you can leave it out altogether if it's a bit too much for you. The modifications to the exterior have a much cleaner look, achieved by simply making everything black, which works. The Panamera is also fitted with a height-adjustable sport suspension and 22-inch wheels, which are also black.

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