Android Auto More User-Friendly Than Before Thanks To New Weather & Radar App

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The addition of Weather & Radar will make it easier for motorists to plan their trips.

Life is about to get more convenient for Android Auto users, with the screen mirroring app now supporting Weather & Radar, reports Auto Evolution.

So, why is this important? Well, the application provides up-to-date information to motorists as they drive, constantly updating users with data about changing weather conditions. While many weather-related apps can do this, Weather & Radar goes one step further.

Information is relayed via a color-coded system. Blue-painted regions, for example, will notify the driver that they could come across rain. This is very handy if you're traveling in a convertible and need to put the top up in a hurry. It's also nice to have a heads-up, especially if you're on a road trip, as you can adjust your route or prepare for delays.


There's a split-screen mode (provided your infotainment screen is big enough), but if not, the app needs the entire screen to run. Weather & Radar says more features are coming, including real-time conditions for the chosen route and weather alerts.

If you're an Apple CarPlay user, don't fret - the team behind the application notes that support for Apple's screen-mirroring app is in the cards, but there's no specific launch date. In the meantime, those with iPhones will have to make do with Weather on The Way, which got CarPlay support in November 2022.

Many motorists prefer not to drive in inclement weather, and an app like this will allow individuals to plan even for the worst. It also makes planning for gas stops or electric vehicle charging much easier than before.


Not too long ago, Android Auto wasn't even available in certain cars like the Porsche Taycan. That has since been remedied, and the app has become more common among users.

Last year, Google decided to kill the Android Auto for Phone Screens app, meaning those with older vehicles are left without an option. The service is only available in cars that are pre-equipped with the technology.

More recently, Android Auto received a "Coolwalk" update, which allows the user to switch between apps with greater ease, among other things. This was first previewed with a beta update but launched to the greater public earlier this year.

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