Angry 911 Owners Sue Porsche Over Defeat Devices

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They're claiming an emissions manipulation "scheme." Oh boy.

Porsche's parent company, the VW Group, claims it has learned its lesson following the Dieselgate fiasco. The story broke just over five years ago and since then the German automaker has undergone drastic changes, ranging from top executives to product. While the attention was on manipulated diesel emissions on millions of vehicles, gasoline engine vehicles remained unscathed. But is it still possible for those engines to have been equipped with illegal emissions software and hardware?

The answer is 'yes,' and now a class action lawsuit has been filed. According to Car Complaints, a 2012 Porsche 911 owner from California has sued the German automaker, alleging the sports car's emissions were tampered with after the engines were type-approved by Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority, the EPA, and the California Air Resource Board. The owner purchased the used 911 Carrera for $65,800 with 36,539 miles on it.

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He flew to Georgia to inspect it then flew home after arranging shipping and registration in California. After driving it for an unspecified period of time, the owner found out it was equipped with an emissions defeat device designed to fool both owners and regulators. Therefore, it wasn't delivering the advertised "true" fuel economy and this has caused him to lose money due to the vehicle losing value.

The owner says he then measured the car's fuel efficiency and, according to his calculations, the 911 consistently gets about five miles per gallon less than advertised and never exceeds 20 mpg. Last March, he noticed its computer began to flash a certain code which indicated a "minor leak." He then reset the code and added a fuel additive, then replaced the gas cap, all based on recommendations from a Porsche owners forum.

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The code reappeared a few months later and a Porsche dealership informed him there was a recall on a valve known to become clogged. In addition, he was told his 911 generates poorer emissions when the code is on, likely because of an EVAP leak, meaning the car burns fuel at a lower rate.

A second 911 owner, who also purchased his car used with low mileage, joined the lawsuit for the same reason: a defeat device prevents the car from getting the advertised fuel economy, performance, and emissions. Both owners claim they paid too much and were deceived by Porsche. At this time, Porsche has not responded to the lawsuit.

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