Angry Birds Go! To Take On Mario Kart

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Hard to imagine it could replace the staple that is Mario Kart, but it tough to fight an angry bird.

If you're reading this story (or writing it, for that matter) then there's a good chance that you're into those insanely complex racing games; games where you spend more time setting up your car than actually racing it. When it comes to racing games for regular people who just want to have a bit of fun, Mario Kart is by far the segment leader, especially for multi-player racer action. It's the racing game your girlfriend will play. But now the people behind the game your girlfriend actually does play wants to to knock Nintendo off it's throne as if it were a fat green pig.

The game is Angry Birds Go! It hits app stores Decemeber 11th and it's going to be absolutely free. Looks like Mario, Luigi and crew are about to get run over.

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