Angry BMW M6 Owner Smashes it With a Sledge Hammer

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Consider this an extreme form of customer dissatisfaction.

Anyone remember that little incident in China a couple years back when an angry Lamborghini Gallardo owner hired a small crew to publicly smashed his car with sledge hammers? The owner was not satisfied, to say the least, with the customer service (or lack thereof) he received from Lamborghini. His answer may have been a bit extreme, but now a BMW M6 owner in Germany has replicated this act of anger in an attempt to protest BMW's supposed failure to fix the car's technical problems.

Costing €120,000 when it was bought in 2008, it's been in the shop a total of 10 times since. Neither the Italian or German dealers were able to resolve the problems. According to the owner, BMW itself wouldn't take responsibility for the car's issues. Photos courtesy of Vincenzo Mancuso

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