Angry BMW Owner Sues Over Defective X5 Hybrid Battery

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Thing is, BMW already knows about this.

BMW, like nearly all other mainstream automakers, has heavily invested in hybrid and battery technologies over the past several years. The move towards all-out electrification continues but not everyone is ready to make the change, hence the need for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Automakers point out electrification will lead to more reliable vehicles but this doesn't mean they're recall-free.

In fact, a new class action lawsuit has just been filed against BMW alleging serious manufacturing defects to its batteries. The lawsuit, filed earlier this month by a new 2021 BMW X5 Hybrid owner, could also be a situation of that owner's anger. You see, the guy signed a lease agreement for the SUV in early September. On September 30, BMW issued a recall for 4,509 plug-in hybrids in the US and another 26,000 globally.

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It is possible debris could be entering the battery cells during the production process, leading to a short circuit. In "rare cases" this could cause a fire, but BMW isn't taking any chances. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has been fully notified as well. So far, no accidents or fires have occurred, but BMW still doesn't have a fix. This is apparently why the X5 owner has filed suit.

He was later notified by a BMW bulletin and immediately brought the vehicle back to the dealership for repairs, only to be told they didn't know how to just yet. The owner was understandably upset because BMW highly advised owners not to charge their vehicles or even use Sport or Manual modes. Also, the shift paddles should be off-limits.

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12V Charging Ports

As of this writing, a solution has yet to be confirmed. Other vehicles affected by the recall include the following:

• 2020-2021 BMW 530e

• 2020-2021 BMW 530e xDrive

• 2020-2021 BMW 530e iPerformance

• 2020-2021 BMW X3 xDrive30e

• 2020-2021 Mini Cooper Countryman All4 SE

• 2020 BMW i8

• 2021 BMW 330e

• 2021 BMW 330e xDrive

• 2021 BMW 745Le xDrive

No other individual owners have filed a lawsuit against the automaker over this issue, and chances are it will be dismissed. Still, BMW should make every effort to resolve this potentially dangerous issue because, as of now, thousands of owners still can't use their vehicles as intended.

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