Angry Bystander Spills Coffee On Loud Revving Lamborghini Aventador

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Not everyone likes the sound of supercars first thing in the morning.

One unfortunate reason that many people can't get along in this world is the fact that each of us has different things we like. In this case, it's the car lovers versus those who take their respect and need for quiet sanity pretty seriously. Both have valid points, we know the former of the two groups does. While some people hate the sound of a loud revving engine, we like to treat it as a gift to remind us of what's good in life. Especially when it's coming from something fast, powerful, and flashy.

That just so happens to be what the stars of this video hate. It all starts with a loud Lamborghini Aventador doing what it does best: getting attention. Unfortunately, the attention it gets using its loud revs have the opposite effect on the audience.

Instead of looking on in awe, the Lambo gets coffee thrown at it. On the other hand, we would take that Lambo's revs as a welcome substitute for caffeine. The rest of the video, all 13:18 minutes of it, is chalked full of angry reactions from bystanders who've just gotten fed up with rich supercar owners demanding more attention by invading everyone's aural space. Guess the enjoyment of everything, supercars included, is relative. Be warned before you hit play, but there's quite a bit of NSWF language here.

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