Angry Chevy Silverado Driver Tries To Run Over Gas Station Employee

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Welcome to Florida.

We all have bad days from time to time, but it's always important to keep our emotions and anger in check. Don't let either get the best of you. This Chevy Silverado owner in Florida failed on both counts.

According to, 34-year-old Brandon Bingaman, a resident of Panama City, Florida, has been charged with aggravated assault after security footage clearly showed him nearly striking and potentially seriously injuring (or even killing) an unnamed gas station employee earlier this month.

The whole thing started following a disagreement between Bingaman and the employee over whether the gas pumps were properly working. Turns out Bingaman had a difficult time working the diesel pump.

WMBB News 13/YouTube
WMBB News 13/YouTube
WMBB News 13/YouTube

Not surprisingly, the employee told police Bingaman was already agitated and complaining about his wife when inside the convenience store to pay. The video footage shows the employee shaking her finger at Bingaman as he pulls away from the pumps. Just a few seconds later, the full-size truck with a trailer attached can be seen driving straight towards the woman, stopping only a few inches before striking her.

Fortunately, a poll stopped the truck from going any further and the employee fell backward to the ground. With zero hesitation or compassion towards the clearly startled employee, Bingaman shifted into reverse and left the parking lot. The employee was not injured.

WMBB News 13/YouTube
WMBB News 13/YouTube
WMBB News 13/YouTube
WMBB News 13/YouTube

"The employee stated the man got into his vehicle to leave, still cursing her as he drove away. The employee was outside the store, near the front, and observed the man leave the parking lot in his vehicle and then return, driving straight at her," officials wrote in their report. "Video from the store revealed the man was attempting to hit her with his vehicle but the parking pole stopped him. The employee fell to the ground. The man backed up and drove away westbound."

Police were able to identify marks on the truck, as well as a business sign, from the security footage and Bingaman was quickly located and arrested.

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