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Angry Fiesta And Focus Owners Will Be Thrilled By Ford's Decision

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It's time to make things right.

Earlier this month, the Detroit Free Press published a detailed report claiming Ford knowingly launched cars, specifically the Fiesta and Focus, with faulty dual-clutch transmissions. More specifically, these gearboxes were underdeveloped when the Fiesta and Focus hit the market. For years, owners complained suffered reliability problems, shuddering, jerks, and shift hesitations. Ford issued over 20 technical service bulletins and even extended the transmissions’ warranty by two years and 40,000 miles. Ford replied to the DFP’s report, but affected owners likely won’t be won over. In fact, DFP has published detailed responses to Ford's rebuttals, which we highly encourage everyone to read.

The Detroit Free Press also obtained a secret Ford memo, dated July 12, written in response to this investigation. It was sent to its dealerships instructing them to "arrange to diagnose the vehicle and repair as necessary” for all 2011-2017 models, many of which are no longer under warranty. "Additional updates will be provided by July 19, 2019," the latest memo specifically states.

In other words, all repairs will be done for free on any Fiesta and Focus. There were previous class-action lawsuits covering 2011-2016 models equipped with this DCT, but now it appears Ford has decided to expand the list of vehicles that qualify for free repairs. In many ways, Ford had no choice but to this. The DFP report claimed Ford knew about this faulty DCT’s defects and yet still decided to sell them. Ford said the report made "conclusions that are not based in fact.”

Still though, whether Ford knew the gearboxes were faulty or not is not the main point; it’s that millions of owners continue to experience unresolved issues. In this specific case, the fact that the original and extended warranties have since expired is irrelevant.

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Owners should not have to pay for repairs out of their own pocket. Ford even reached a settlement back in 2017 in a class-action suit covering 1.9 million owners, but that deal is currently being challenged in California federal court. Why? Because not enough owners were compensated. It’s now in Ford’s best interest to do whatever is necessary to make things right with its customers.