Angry Ford F-150 Owner Files Lawsuit Over Peeling Paint


Clearly this shouldn't be happening.

The process of manufacturing vehicles has never been simple. Today, it's more complicated and intricate than ever due to the many advanced systems included in modern vehicles, but there's one major aspect of production that remains: quality control. At least it should be. Although automakers go to the great lengths to ensure quality, mistakes happen and owners can be left to pay the price. Take the Ford F-150 for example.

According to Car Complaints, via Ford Authority, the owner of a 2014 F-150 SuperCrew has filed a lawsuit against Ford claiming the paint warranty is useless within the general warranty's terms. Tina Nelson of Oklahoma purchased her F-150 in 2016 and in 2018 she noticed the paint on the hood, roof, and side panel was peeling and corroding. Naturally, she took her truck to a local dealership for repairs, but the techs discovered there were problems with the paint primer, causing the paint to peel.

Front Angle View Ford
Side View Driving Ford
2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab Rear Three-Quarter Left Side View Ford

A Ford representative allegedly asked the dealer technician if there was a defect in the paint itself, but the tech replied, "It is probably a defect in the primer. The paint doesn't appear to have adhered to it." Nelson believes Ford should have stepped up to pay for the repairs but it didn't. The automaker told Nelson no assistance would be provided despite the fact she claimed the truck was still within the five-year extended corrosion warranty. The peeling paint, according to Nelson, exposes the underlying surfaces which will cause additional rust and even weaken the underbody. It should be noted that the F-150 generation involved here has an aluminum body instead of the previous steel-bodied F-150s that Ford built for years. The automaker famously switched to aluminum-bodied F-150s a few years ago in order to reduce weight to better improve overall fuel economy.

2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab Front Three-Quarter Left Side View Ford
2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab In Motion Ford
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Many traditional truck owners were skeptical about aluminum's durability but Ford proved the metal was still "Built Ford Tough" in various demonstrations. The aluminum body's paint, however, appears to be another matter. This lawsuit seeks class-action status and it includes all persons in the US and its territories who have purchased or leased a new or used F-150. Nelson's suit specifically states Ford knew about the paint, primer, and corrosion problems for years based on technical service bulletins issued to dealerships. Her suit also claims the warranty for corrosion only applies to the aluminum panels if the aluminum perforates, though it's impossible for them to perforate. The lawsuit, however, does not state how Ford should remedy the situation.

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2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab Headlamp Detail
2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab Front Three-Quarter Left Side View
2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab Rear Three-Quarter Left Side View
2015-2017 Ford F-150 SuperCab In Motion
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