Angry Owner's Ford Escape Stuck At Dealership For 16 Weeks

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Ford owes her more than an answer.

New vehicles are more technically complex than ever. In many ways, they are computers on four wheels. The vast amount of software incorporated into new models makes them more susceptible to system issues, just like on any computer or smartphone. Unfortunately, one Ford Escape owner is learning that the hard way. According to Canada's Global News, Sarah Timmins, a resident of British Columbia, is seeking financial compensation and a desire to exit her contract from Ford because she claims she was sold a faulty vehicle.

Timmins purchased a new 2018 Ford Escape Titanium on an unspecified date, but the vehicle's problems began in September 2019. At the time, it had about 8,700 miles on it. Driving to visit family, the Escape suddenly broke down.

"We phoned Ford to say we need roadside assistance. They showed up, they checked our battery. Battery was fine, but I had 97 alarms on my Ford App registering for faults and the car wouldn't start," said Timmins.

2017-2019 Ford Escape Front Three-Quarter Left Side View Ford
2017-2019 Ford Escape In Motion Ford
2017-2019 Ford Escape Rear Angle in Motion Ford

The SUV, after receiving service at a Ford dealership, was soon back on the road. And then it died again. "There has been so many modules put in, wiring harnesses, new computer, new battery. Now they are saying the dash isn't working at all. It's not getting better, maybe worse even," Timmins said.

The Escape has been under repair at the dealership for 16 weeks now. Timmins is understandably frustrated by the whole experience, augmented by the fact that Ford Canada has offered little cooperation. Timmins still continues to make bi-weekly payments on the broken down Escape. Not only does she plan to never buy a Ford again, but she also wants to see Canada adopt so-called "lemon laws" like those in the US.

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2017-2019 Ford Escape Driver's Side Entry Ford
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2017-2019 Ford Escape Rear Seats Ford

Lemon laws, basically, offer an "additional layer of warranty protection." Canada does have an arbitration process designed to resolve disputes between manufacturers and consumers, but a lemon law would offer a more clear-cut resolution to the matter.

In the meantime, Timmins has applied for arbitration and continues to make her $410 bi-weekly car payments for a vehicle she hasn't driven in months.

2017-2019 Ford Escape Center Console Ford
2017-2019 Ford Escape Central Console Ford
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