Angry Tesla Owners Fight Back Against Blocked Charging Stations


Take that, internal combustion cars!

We first learned about so-called 'ICE-ing' a year ago when a group of pickup truck owners in North Carolina purposely blocked a Tesla Supercharger station. Basically, it's a form of anti-EV/Tesla protest. Getting 'ICEd,' as it's come to be called, has spread not only throughout the US but also in other countries such as Croatia. Yes, Croatia, the home of the Rimac.

Although Rimac's EV hypercars are not exactly in abundance, there are still plenty of EV owners who are fed up with not being able to charge their vehicles because of blocked cars. Sometimes, non-EV owners don't even realize their mistake, but the frustration is still justified. To help combat this or, at the very least, make the public more aware of ICE-ing, a group of EV owners organized their own protest.

Tesla Motors Club Croatia/Facebook
Tesla Motors Club Croatia/Facebook
Tesla Motors Club Croatia/Facebook

They took over a gas station and blocked people from re-filling their vehicles. The protest happened at a gas station not far from the capital city of Zagreb. About a dozen EV owners turned up. A Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Volkswagen e-Golf, and overseas-only VW e-Up! were among the vehicles present. The Tesla Motors Club Croatia was also involved in organizing the protest. Was the move successful? It depends on whom you ask.

The EV owners were certainly very pleased with their actions, but non-EV owners must have been extremely frustrated. Most had probably never blocked (at least purposely) an EV charging station before.

Tesla Motors Club Croatia/Facebook
Tesla Motors Club Croatia/Facebook
Tesla Motors Club Croatia/Facebook

The main question is whether this ICEd retaliation will even work. Will the Croatian government enact new laws against blocking EV charging stations and punish offenders by, for example, towing their vehicles? Too soon to tell, but we can't help but think these EV owners' actions might only create more animosity.

Meanwhile, here in the US, many states and cities are currently trying to pass new laws to ban ICE-ing. California, Florida, Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington already have legislation in place.

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