Angry Truck Owners Are Blocking Tesla Supercharger Spots


The EV vs. ICE wars have begun.

It's one thing to protest something for which you're against, but doing so should not inconvenience others. Reddit user and Tesla owner Leicina decided it was important to post this photo and the story behind it because, well, the situation should not have happened in the first place.

Last weekend in Hickory, North Carolina, several pickup truck owners used their vehicles to block access to a Tesla Supercharger station. They also yelled expletives about Tesla until finally they were removed them from the station.

"I've never had a supercharging experience like this one," she wrote. "These trucks blocked all the chargers, chanted 'F' Tesla, and were kicked out by a Sheetz employee." Apparently, this form of anti-EV/Tesla "protest" is not entirely uncommon. It even has a name, 'Icing', as in 'Icing' a charging station.

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Icing, of course, comes from ICE, for internal combustion engine. Sometimes non-EV drivers make honest mistakes and park where they shouldn't at a charging station. However, that definitely wasn't happening this time. Leicina added "it took 10 minutes or so (for the truck owners to leave) and one of them did that 'I'm going to hit you' maneuver after circling the parking lot."

This 'Icing' practice is not exclusive to North Carolina.

Other state and cities are currently working to pass laws to ban this activity. California, Florida, Oregon Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington already have legislation in place. Cities including Raleigh, North Carolina, and Knoxville, Tennessee are also taking action. Unfortunately, this so-called method of protest, Icing, is not illegal in all 50 states yet, but eventually, it likely will be.


In addition to Tesla's Superchargers, other automakers will also soon be unraveling charging networks in order to accommodate their own EV offerings. Will truck owners like these guys block those, too? Who knows, but if there is a bright side to this for Leicina and other Tesla owners it's this: truck owners like these clearly feel threatened. They're just taking out their aggression and frustration on you and your car. In the end, their actions will do nothing to stop people from buying EVs.


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