Angry Wife Smashes BMW Into Ferrari GTC4Lusso And Porsche 918 Spyder

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Jeez, Louise.

The feeling of despair when you damage your car is quite intense, and if the damage is severe, that feeling is all the worse. Sometimes, a crash can be caused by a silly accident. On other occasions, it can be the result of recklessness. But on some occasions, damage to your car may not even be your fault. In the following story, a supercar owner (or multiple) has had to suffer the pain of damaged cars through no fault of their own.

According to reports, the carnage you see below is the result of a woman who was having an argument with her husband while driving a BMW 335i somewhere in China on July 4. It's unclear what the disagreement was over or why she decided to act out, but her anger drove her to ram the German sedan into some very expensive exotica parked nearby.

From damage to the rear of the BMW, we can ascertain that the angered woman was bumping into and scraping against other cars before her anger was focused on a parked Ferrari GTC4Lusso. What's worse still is that she hit the Italian supercar so hard that it was shoved into the adjacent bay, where a rare Porsche 918 Spyder was parked. That was then pushed into a pillar, damaging the headlight, driver's side bodywork, and front fascia of the Porsche while the rear of the 918 is likely to have scuffed the Mercedes-Benz E-Class parked alongside it. Not even two-wheelers were safe, with a nearby BMW R18 motorcycle also reportedly damaged by the insane real-life game of bumper cars.

It's unclear if these supercars all belong to one person or if they are even known to the angered woman, but whoever it is, you can bet that they must be feeling seriously forlorn. The BMW 3 Series is the car with the most damaged panels, but will certainly be the cheapest of these damaged cars to repair. That's assuming that the owner has any money for repairs after selling their soul to the insurance company that they have now made a life-long enemy of. No further details on the incident are currently available, but we're certain that the owner(s) of the various damaged cars will be taking serious legal action.

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