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Another Aston Martin Hypercar Has Just Sold Out

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But the DBX SUV will soon take its crown.

In just two short months the US economy will have broken the record for the longest economic expansion in history, assuming the markets don't tank before then. That means there's a glut of money floating around, much of it in the brokerage accounts of the already rich. And wherever there are spare millionaires with money to blow, there are automakers trying to build cars to catch the fallout. One such automaker is Aston Martin, which has followed the lead of rivals like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren by offering ridiculously expensive limited-run hypercars including the Vulcan and Valkyrie. Boasting seven-figure price tags, these hypercars are hugely profitable for Aston Martin, which needs to pad its pockets in case Brexit becomes a financial disaster for the British auto industry.

It's why, after selling out of all 150 of the $3.2-million Valkyries and the 25 Valkyrie AMR Pros it planned to build, Aston Martin has gone on to release an "entry-level" hypercar based on the Valkyrie. The car has yet to be named, so it's defaulted to Aston Martin's internal code, "AM-RB 003."

Costing a mere $1.15 million per unit, each of the 500 proposed AM-RB 003s is a bargain compared to the Valkyrie and offers anyone who missed out on the flagship another chance at Aston Martin hypercar ownership. Or at least it did. Citing Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer in a 2019 Q1 financial report, Autocar found out that the AM-RB 003 is already "over-subscribed," meaning that the hypercar has received interest from more than 500 prospective customers.

"We now have the task of allocating to our customers from an ever-growing list," said Palmer. If selected, each customer will have to plunk down a $300,000 deposit and wait until sometime in 2021 to take delivery. Considering that the AM-RB 003 will be a hybrid hypercar making over 1,000 horsepower with help from a turbocharged V6, it's hard to imagine how the car wouldn't sell out.

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That, of course, is great news for Aston Martin. This year's first quarter saw Aston Martin make 1,057 deliveries, putting it on track to sell 4,228 cars this year assuming sales hold steady. Despite being an increase from the 963 vehicles it sold in 2018's Q1, Aston Martin still posed a £2.2 million ($2.83 million at today's rates) loss, mainly due to higher costs. But the expected rash of sales of high-margin vehicles like the AM-RB 003 will likely send the British automaker far into the black by the end of the year. Assuming, again, that the market stays piping hot.