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Another Ferrari 458 Burns, This Time on Paper

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The Ferrari 458 Italia once had a reputation for catching fire. And now it's even happening on paper.

A few years back, a number of brand-new Ferrari 458 Italias caught on fire. Just like that, a fire broke out in one of the rear quarter panels that quickly spread to the rest of the car. And just like that, the 458s were engulfed in flames. Turned out the problem was due to an adhesive that overheated in the wheel-arch lining. It must have totally sucked for those owners as they watched their car burn. But the jokes about the 458 Italia fire incidents will never go away.

The guys over at Bureau of Speed hired a guy to "speed draw" a 458 Italia, and things didn't go exactly as planned, or did they? At any rate they sure got their 5 bucks worth. Check out the video ahead and you'll see what we mean. The 458 Italia catching on fire jokes will never go away.

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