Another Ford Bronco Soft-Top Fails In A Snowstorm

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The off-roader continues to prove a fair-weather friend.

Talented and highly capable, the Ford Bronco off-roader has been one of the biggest hits of 2021. In fact, it's proven so popular that Ford is facing a production issue, with demand outstripping supply.

But that's not the only problem plaguing the Blue Oval. Broncos equipped with Webasto-supplied hardtops continue to suffer from undesirable wear following exposure to harsh weather. Ford has reacted quickly, promising to replace faulty items with revised hardtops.

It seems, however, the Dearborn-based company may have yet another issue on its hands. Posted on the Bronco6G forum, one owner documented the effects of a snowstorm on his soft-top Bronco. Opening the door, it's clear the cabin of the retro off-roader isn't properly insulated from the elements. Mounds of snow and frost cover several interior surfaces.


In the videos, you can clearly see the headliner is allowing snow into the cabin. The front seats and rear headrests clearly show a dusting of snow, but the metal roof hinge rails are the most affected, with a considerable amount of snow forming around the area. The driver of this particular Big Bend derivative has confirmed the roof was correctly latched and all windows were rolled up.

This isn't the first time a Bronco's interior has been ravaged by harsh weather conditions. Earlier this year, a Canadian Bronco soft-top owner experienced a similar issue following a severe winter snowstorm. Arriving home, he found his cabin had filled with snow, with the gear lever and steering wheel completely coated. While some suggested he had not closed the roof properly, the second example of this happening points to clear insulation problems with soft-top Broncos.

Fellow forum members suggested the unlucky Bronco owner reposition the off-roader to face the wind, the idea being the front latches are the most secure. While other members dismissed the claims, saying it's a convertible and is to be expected, the owner believes this is unacceptable. For Ford's sake, we sincerely hope these two incidents are isolated occurrences that took place in extreme conditions, as further delays and quality issues will only hamper production.

Hardtop owners can, at least, find solace in the fact that aftermarket companies are working on an alternative to the problematic factory-supplied item. Advanced Fiberglass Concepts recently took to Instagram to give its followers a sneak peek at its latest development. With two options offered, customers will be able to select a higher-quality alternative that hopefully won't leak. If more owners come forward with problematic soft-tops, Bronco owners may have to look to the aftermarket sector for a resolution.

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