Another Gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador SV Has Popped Up For Sale In The US

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And you can't afford it.

The Lamborghini Aventador SV is one of the most breathtaking supercars ever produced. Yes, all 600 are sold out so you can't buy a new one even if you have a billion dollars. Even though the car was released just a few months ago, we already saw one for sale in Saudi Arabia. That is quite far to travel, so if you want something more local you could try Lamborghini Newport Beach in California. This listing is so new that it isn't up on the dealer's website-photos were just released on Facebook and Flickr.

The beast isn't new of course, but it is in near mint condition with only 73 miles on the clock. Possibly the best feature of the entire car is the color scheme. The other SV that was for sale in Saudi Arabia looked nice in orange and black, but this one easily takes the cake with a Bianco Isis black and white coat. Red accents on the wheels, brakes, doors and interior complete the look and make it a bit flashier. How much for this? The answer sadly isn't provided just yet, but regardless, you can't afford it. Sorry. We wouldn't be surprised if the dealership asked for $650,000 or more, considering the immaculate condition and rarity of the car.

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