Another McLaren Senna Crashes In Crazy Accident

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2/500 McLaren Sennas have already been crashed.

Whenever an expensive supercar is involved in a crash, the automotive community exhibits a collective cringe as the inevitable photos and videos begin to pour out onto the internet. The pain is further exacerbated when the supercar in question is extremely rare or is crashed just hours after initial delivery. We've already seen one McLaren Senna, which had a production run of just 500 units, crashed on its way home from being delivered. Now, a second Senna owner has crashed their car on the A127 Southend Arterial road in Essex, UK.

A few videos of the aftermath have been posted by onlookers driving past the accident site. From what we can make out, the accident involved three vehicles - the Senna, a Ford Fiesta, and a third car which apparently rolled onto its roof and settled on its side. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash, though the Senna has clearly seen better days and the driver's ego is likely pretty bruised. The front end damage appears to be extensive (it's missing the entire right fender and headlight). Since this is a $1 million car, we aren't sure if this will be enough damage to total it.

Whenever a rare car like this is released, we often criticize owners for stashing them away in a garage to preserve their value. If an owner bucks the trend an actually drives their car, this can be the risk. Perhaps more supercar owners need to attend driving school to avoid situations like this.

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