Another McLaren Senna Goes Up In Flames

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At least this Senna is still salvageable.

There was some unexpected drama during last weekend's Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix. Before the race kicked off, former McLaren Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger took the McLaren Senna for a spin around the Red Bull Ring circuit for a demonstration run.

Much to the crowd's horror, the run ended abruptly as smoke and flames could suddenly be seen coming from the rear of the car. The incident was captured on video, and it's painful to watch. Luckily, track marshals were quick to react and managed to extinguish the blaze before it could cause too much damage to the $1.5 million hypercar. via Instagram
Gercollector via instagram
Gercollector via instagram

The Senna that went up in flames belonged to Gercollector, who posted a statement on Instagram about the incident: "The fire started during a parade lap with Formula 1 champion, Gerhard Berger behind the wheel and fortunately it was quickly extinguished by the Austrian marshals on site. Both the driver and passenger were able to quickly exit and are fine having stepped out of the car unharmed," he wrote. "The quick responses by those involved prevented more than minimal damage to the rear right section of the vehicle."

The owner added that the car is being sent back to McLaren to investigate the cause of the fire.

Gercollector via instagram

Sadly, this isn't the only Senna that caught fire recently. Last year, YouTuber Salomondrin's unique McLaren Senna burnt to a crisp when a fire broke out without warning. Unfortunately, he wasn't as lucky as Gercollector, as the melted Senna was completely destroyed in the fire.

We're relieved this latest incident wasn't as catastrophic since only 500 McLaren Sennas exist in the world. Each example is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 generating 800 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, enabling the savage supercar to do the 0-62 mph sprint in 2.8 seconds and top out at 211 mph.

Photo credits: Pieter Goudriaan, Gercollector


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