Another Month, Another New Mazda RX-7 Rumor

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Thing is, Mazda still hasn't confirmed whether the car has been given final approval.

It seems as if there's hardly a month that goes by where we don't stumble upon some sort of next-generation Mazda RX-7 rumor. Last we heard, Mazda engineers were anxious to do the car, but the finance guys at the Japanese automaker didn't share that excitement. Regardless of what final decision will end up being made, this week's RX-7 rumor is claiming that the car will in fact happen, and that it'll be priced at around $30,000.

The next-generation MX-5 will obviously arrive first, in 2015, but the new RX-7, if it does happen, could go on sale by 2016. This timeline actually does make sense, considering Mazda has made clear its intention to launch "five new cars by the end of financial year 2016." Now, if a new RX-7 does happen, it will have a new rotary engine, but today's latest rumor is claiming that it won't be turbocharged. Instead, it will feature either twin or triple rotors (likely the former), thus making it a 1. 2-liter unit. Fuel efficiency will also be better than that of the discontinued RX-8. Output will be around 250 horsepower and total weight will come in at around 2,800 lbs.

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