Another New ‘Ring Record, From Another Viper ACR

The crew from SRT fired alother salvo in their battle of one-upmanship at the Nurburgring.

For the eight or nine people in the world who still care about Nurburgring pissing contests, there is some exciting news. The crew from SRT took some time that would have been better spent installing halfway decent automatic transmissions in their products and flew to Germany to reclaim the production car record title from Lexus. They took two 2010 Viper ACR's, which were borrowed from Tomball Dodge in Texas, to the track and broke Lexus's record by 2 seconds-ish.

The time isn't actually official yet, and neither is the video up, but word from SRT is that the ACR grabbed a time of 7:12 "and change". A little imprecise, sure, but whatever the change is, it still beats the LFA's 7:14.6 time. The SRT guys also ran a race-prepped Viper ACR-X and got a time of 7:03. That's all fine and good, but a couple seconds difference between cars on a 7 minute track hardly sets a whole new bar.

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