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This Is One Of The Most Extraordinary Saves We've Ever Seen

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This time by a guy driving a 58-hp subcompact city car

Seemingly every other day an overpowered supercar piloted by a professional racing driver sets another Nurburgring lap record. Well, despite clearly arriving at a gunfight armed with a rusty old knife, one driver has set a record for the most improbable save of 2018. His choice of vehicle? A two-decade-old city car armed with a 58hp 1.0-liter inline-three-cylinder engine, unless of course, he had one of the imported Japanese market 660cc beasts.

The Daihatsu Cuore, complete with dangling tree air freshener may not be the best choice for a green hell hot lap yet this intrepid driver and his co-pilot managed to recover from what seemed like a guaranteed accident mid-corner as they 'chased' an E46 BMW M3. Words can only convey so much so take a look at this extraordinary footage to see what we mean.

Clearly, this guy took the phrase 'drive it on the door handles' a bit too literally, as some paint must surely have been scraped off the side of the car as it negotiated most of the bend on the very edge of its two left tires. At one point only the left rear wheel was actually making contact with the ground. If this isn't evidence of a glitch in the Matrix then we don't know what is. Take another look, this time from the in-car camera and another roadside angle. This guy must have taken both the red and blue pills simultaneously.

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According to the driver, the car suffered from damaged wheels, windscreen and suspension and now sports a misaligned front fender. Not bad for what could have turned out to be a multiple roll over with a written off car. Thankfully this time no one was hurt and the Cuore lives to fight another day. Although perhaps next time it will stick to the cut and thrust of rush hour rather than attempting to set another Nurburgring record.

To underline the improbability of this achievement we now regale you with a few snapshots of the turn as well as a selection of some hand-picked Daihatsu Cuore images in their more natural habitat.