Another Rare Hypercar Sees The Grim Reaper Just Two Months After Delivery

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Killing hypercars is a trend we'd like to see stop.

Apparently finding ways to smash multi-million dollar hypercars has come into vogue because just days after a one-of-seven Koenigsegg One:1s smashed itself to smithereens on the Nurburgring, the streets of Paris bore witness to the public flogging of this one-off Pagani Huayra. Dubbed the Huayra Pearl, this Pagani was delivered to its anonymous owner no more than two months ago, so to see it in this state with the knowledge that it hasn't been fully enjoyed is heartbreaking. The beautiful machine was designed using inspiration taken from previous Paganis.

These include the Zonda R, which can be seen through the roof scoop, the S, commemorated by a split rear wing, and the Huayra BC, most notable through the front splitter. The Pearl also received some aerodynamic upgrades through subtle styling changes according to Pagani. Unlike the potential component failure on the Koenigsegg, it's unclear who or what is at fault for destroying the rare bird, but rumors are circulating saying that the driver who hit the Pagani was drunk. Given the nature of Internet rumors, it's best to take that with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it was reported that the driver may have been a Saudi Arabian resident and the Saudi plates on the Huayra Pearl only help to back this up.

Fortunately Horacio Pagani has a history of taking injured vehicles under his wing and either giving them full restoration jobs or upgrading them to the nines so that the owner's satisfaction at seeing the new car outshines memories of the accident. Just as it sounds, none of these options sound cheap, but neither are people who commission one-off cars. Even though the rear driver's side appears to have taken the brunt of the accident, resulting in a missing wheel, ruined rear end, and smashed formula one-inspired exhaust, the damage doesn't look bad enough to render the Huayra Pearl a write off. We can't wait to see what Pagani comes up with when it cobbles the hypercar back together. Images courtesy of Instagram user infaustus_vid.da.


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