Another Subaru WRX Baby Driver Stunt Car Is Going Up For Sale Soon

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If you missed out last time, here's another chance to own one of the Subaru WRX stunt cars from Baby Driver.

The first five minutes of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver feature one of the best movie car chases in recent years. Starring a Subaru WRX, the chase scene is a masterpiece of film editing, character development, and skillful stunt driving. If you haven't already seen it, do yourself a favor and go watch it right now. As the film's stunt driver Jeremy Fry explained to us last year, six Subaru WRX stunt cars were used in the film. Lead actor Ansel Ergot owns one of them after pleading with Sony to give him one because he was so attached with the car.


Another was converted to rear-wheel drive to perform the sublime reverse 180 stunt that seamlessly blends into a drift at the start of the scene. That specific model was sold at an auction last year. The winning bidder paid nearly $70,000 for it. If you missed out, we have good news for you. Another Subaru WRX stunt car from the film will soon be going under the hammer. The second Baby Driver stunt car will be sold at Mecum's Houston auction next month and, unlike the car sold on eBay last year, it's fitted with an all-wheel drive STI drivetrain installed by Allpro Subaru in Alpharetta, Georgia, so you can pull off some tire-shredding drifts like in the movie.

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It's street legal, too, despite its comprehensive modifications-not that we recommend driving like Baby does on a public road, of course. Other modifications include a CNC hydraulic handbrake, OS Giken front differential, Cusco rear LSD, forged CP pistons and Exedy Stage 1 clutch. There's no reserve price but the last stunt car sold for nearly $70,000, so don't expect it to be cheap. If you missed out last time, this is your chance to own a piece of car movie history.

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